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Shields Stoves
Little Thurlow
5kW output
British Made
78.9% Efficient on Wood
79.6% Efficient on Solid Fuel
6” Diameter Flue
Suitable for 12mm hearth
Max. Log Length 350mm
Tertiary Air
Riddling Grate
Brass or St/Steel Fittings
Weight 61kg

The Little Thurlow is available in both Standard or Smoke Control Models. Being only 520mm high this stove is designed specially for the lower fire opening, but with a good sized glass giving a wonderful view of the fire. To allow plenty of oxygen into the rear and top of the stove the turbo burner (tertiary air) brings air into the stove towards the back of the fire, thus burning off gases which normally do not ignite. This give the Little Thurlow more efficiency, better combustion and less pollution.