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Shields Stoves
PureVision PV85
The PureVision PV85 is the largest in the range and offers the biggest fuel volume capacity and heat output for very large rooms and those who need a lot of heat.
*Huge glass window offers the best possible High Definition viewing of the fire.
*Adjustable feet as with all the the PureVision freestanding models facilitates installation on to surfaces that may not be totally flat and true.
*All freestanding models require only a 12mm superimposed hearth extending underneath and 230mm (9") in front of the stove.
*Stainless steel single air control lever not only looks fantastic but is cool to the touch, discreetly positioned and easy to use.
*Optional external air kit for direct connection to the outside, potentially eliminating the need for fixed exterior ventilators in the room.
*Future proof performance meets the proposed 2022 European Eco-Design Directive.