A Town and Country product - Byland - supplied by Shields Stoves and Fireplaces of Tavistock
Up to 14 kW output
British Made
Simple controls
Optional Outside Air Kit –
Manual or Remote Control
Built in Tertiary Air
77.2% Efficient on Wood
70.7% Efficient on Solid Fuel
Maximum log length 400mm
Riddling Grate
6” diameter flue (top flue only)
Brass or St/Steel Fittings
Weight 120 kg

With it's huge curved glass window the Byland is a truly amazing stove to see going in any room and with it's highly effective air wash the glass will stay exceptionally clean.

The Byland is capable of a maximum output of 14kW so will comfortably heat even the largest rooms.
The Byland is controlled by two simple levers which are below the door, which is the same system which is used on all Town & Countrys new range of stoves and has proven to be extremely effective, these levers take the place of the spin wheels. One lever controls the primary air which is generally used when lighting or burning smokeless fuel, and the second lever controls the secondary and tertiary air. Once the fire is established, there is no need to use the primary air lever except with smokeless fuel, even when re-fuelling.

Remote Control
The Caedmon can be supplied with an optional outside air kit, direct air is now a requirement with a lot of new builds. This version is also available with a remote control if you want to be able to control the output of your stove from the comfort of your chair.

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